Exercise Backing Tracks Copy

Each playlist below is twelve of the most common exercise patterns used in Nail Every Note.  You can play them from this page or download them to your device.

To use them, pick your own exercise syllable and sing it with the track.

To find more freedom, try foo, koo, fee, or she
To develop more power, try bah, mum, gug, or go
To develop your mix, try nay, whoa, meow, or nyah.

Which tempo to use
Start with medium tempo.
Use slow tempos to fine-tune pitch, or to practice longer notes and phrases.
Use fast tempos when medium feels slow.


Not sure which one’s for you?

Most men are baritones.  If your speaking voice is notably higher or lower than most guys, you might be a tenor or a bass. Otherwise, you’re probably a baritone.

Most women are mezzo-sopranos or sopranos.  Few women are altos, though many think they are.  If you have a notably lower speaking voice than most women, you might be an alto.  Otherwise, start with the mezzo version – unless you know you’re a soprano.  Then if mezzo is too low, switch to soprano. 

Ranges of these tracks
Bass: E2-E4   |  Baritone:  Ab2-Ab4   |  Tenor: C3-C5
Alto: Eb3-Eb5   |  Mezzo: Gb3-Gb5   |  Soprano: A3-A5


Backing Tracks for Bass Singers

Backing Tracks for Baritones

Backing Tracks for Tenors

Backing Tracks for Altos

Backing Tracks for Mezzo-Sopranos

Backing Tracks for Sopranos